Enriching the digital banking experience via patented technologies.  

Flexible and innovative, data-driven solutions supporting financial wellness.   

Banking is evolving at a quickening pace. We can guide you in your evolution and increase your relevance, by helping you build a digital bank or simply a more robust mobile banking experience. People who do not want the authority of banks in their transactions may rely on cryptocurrencies. Crypto transactions do not have any intermediaries in between. According to bitcoin buyer erfahrungen the crypto trading can be enhanced with the help of trading bots.


Frictionless mobile onboarding helps financial institutions drive efficiency while reducing acquisition cost. Offering financial wellness components drives engagement and gets your consumers closer to their finances. Several banks have started to accept cryptocurrencies as more people are getting into the crypto market. Bitcoin traders may rely on automated platforms like Quantum AI to improve their trading efficiency. Traders may check how does Quantum AI work to learn more about the platform. Nudges, prompts and engagement within your app promote retention and wallet share, while offering you data to assure your offers are on point. 


Moven’s smart-banking technology marries powerful data-driven analytics with custom, branded design features to promote customer engagement throughout all stages of their financial lifecycle.


Actionable insights help you monetize mobile banking, while offering a tangible way to improve the financial health of customers. Moven’s data analytics combined with its messaging platform, means your offer is relevant and timely.



Moven is all about digital first engagement; beautiful consumer-centric design principles and leveraging data to deliver personalized financial wellness prompts and insights. Partnering with Moven will help solidify your digital presence and position in an ever-competitive banking landscape.